For my first podcast I’m going to go back in time to the begin of 2015. After spending way too much time working on various projects, interactive installations and live shows I came to the conclusion that music didn’t find its place in my busy/random schedule. So I took the decision to start a weekly live session. I thought about starting this in a bar in front of an audience and quickly came to the conclusion that it just would not work for the same reason that got me starting this project. So I decided it was 2015 after all, so I would do this online ! From the start I decided that I would never use any pre-recorded sequences. Its so easy with electronic instruments to record and playback, but I wanted to get better at “playing” theses instruments. But to get good at this you need to feel the pressure of time, building from scratch is easy, but not so if you have to keep a flow going. Thats why it is so important to have an audience on the other end (even if its only a couple of people). Theses people make the moment important and unique. This first sessions being a first, the recording and stream didn’t go so well, I only manage to scavenge 14 minutes from the live hour. But I suppose it is more that enough to start this podcast.

If you wish to listen to the live stream, its every Wednesday evening at 10pm french time (9pm GMT). You can find a link to the stream and a mailing list at this address :