Olli goes to Bollywood

  • Type : Live performance
  • Role : Live visuals (direct, shoot, post production and 3D) & live machines (FX and synths)
  • more info : ollibollywood.com

Since 2004, Olli & the Bollywood Orchestra appealed to a large audience while touring throughout Europe and Africa in renowned venues and festivals.

Olli combines romantic themes and the most popular songs of Indian cinema with subtle and percussive original compositions sang in Hindi. He also integrated in his project a “banghra” spirit – a very rythmic and uplifting music which comes from the region of Penjab in northern India. This show thus offered a particular Hindi pop repertoire coloured with hip hop, dub and rock, over remixed images from the “Massala cinema”.

The new show and Album « Olli goes to Bollywood »
A spicy live show and album “made in India” with the best musicians of Bollywood

With his live-film concert and his third album, the french singer and composer Olli brings outside of India all the thrills of colorful Bollywood

An album just like in the movies
Once upon a time, a Breton singer fell in love with a Bollywood movie star. He travelled all around India to look for her. The ten tracks of the album Olli goes to Bollywood tells about this quest. Themes, rhythms, everything is set to bring to the audience the authentic emotions of a film from Bollywood.
Olli went there in search of the inimitable Indian sound. The album was recorded in Chennai (Madras) with the musicians and in the studios of A.R Rahman, the famous Bollywood music composer of Slumdog Millionnaire. A collaboration which enabled Olli to play with a famous large string orchestra along with the best instrumentalists and the singer Kavita Baliga. They all dedicate the rest of their time recording for famous Bollywood movies.

A show in which to discover India
Olli is on stage with Indian and French musicians for an original live film-concert. Behind him, a large screen where he serves India on a platter for those who wish to taste it. Behind the kitsch, colors and enthusiasm of this crazy story replayed on stage, there are valuable keys to understanding the Indian people. We have never travelled to India so easily.

Olli goes to Bollwood is the third epic of the “Olli & the Bollywood Orchestra” adventure. Both albums were distributed throughout Europe : “Kitch’en” in 2005 and “Tantra” in 2008.
The third album “Olli goes to Bollywood ” released digitally (Idol) and physically on June 2013 in France (Label Caravan / Avel Ouest / Coop-Breizh) and in Germany, Netherlands, Benelux (Xango Music).

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